Are You at Risk For Oral Cancer ?

Oral cancer is a lot more widespread than you might assume. Stats have revealed that an American dies every hour from oral cancer. This astonishing reality has stayed the same for over forty years! With VELscope ™ when irregularities are discovered in the mouth in the beginning stages there has been a 90 % cure rate. It is a light especially developed for this kind of testing. Any kind of uncommon tissue is recognized effortlessly, and it is a fast velscope-logoand pain-free test. This testing could possibly save your life!


Painlessly Defeat Gum Disease

arestin-logoAs opposed to public opinion, the majority of teeth are lost because of gum disease, not decay! We make use of a potent antibiotic that returns the infected gums back to a healthy state. ARESTIN ™ is a powder that when applied straight to the gums it will eliminate all the bacteria. These little microspheres are undetectable as well as time-released to continuously and efficiently combat the infection. It is not only effective, but it is pain-free!


intra-oral Become Part of the Team With Our Intra-Oral Camera

Our dentists would like you to be a part of all your dental choices. To allow you to look for yourself at the teeth that require work and the ones that are just fine, they make use of a high tech device called the intra-oral camera. This impressive little video camera takes a clear and very close up images of the inside of your mouth. We think you will be impressed with its ability and we believe it will help you to feel self-assured with the decisions you make.


75% Reduction in Radiationdigital-xrays


For X-rays we utilize state of the art digital technology. This procedure generates 3/4’s less radiation as compared to the old type of X-rays, and the pictures are available right away to see on our computer display. There’s no delay waiting for an X-ray to be made, and no caustic chemicals used in the effort.

autoclave-sterilizationState-of-the-Art Autoclave Sterilization

Your health is essential to us. We will not take any sort of risks with the instruments we utilize during any procedure. We only use single-use devices, or return reusable tools to an autoclave. The autoclave system sanitizes them in conjunction with the highest quality standards and is checked regularly by an independent laboratory for your safety and well being.


Worried about Knocking
Out a Tooth?

mouth guardRoughly 5 million teeth are damaged or lost every year because of trauma or injury from sporting activities. That’s just here in the U.S.! Most sports can be hazardous to players if they do not wear protective mouthguards. Most (one size fits all) mouthguards purchased over-the-counter don’t fit correctly and can create interference with breathing. However a personalized mouthguard will fit properly and protect the athlete for the best performance.

The American Dental Association suggests using on a custom-made mouth guard for the following sporting activities: acrobatics, boxing, basketball, ice hockey, football, gymnastics, field hockey, lacrosse, handball, martial arts, shotputting, racquetball, rugby, skate boarding, roller hockey, skydiving, water polo, skiing, soccer, wrestling, squash, surfing, weight lifting, and also volleyball.

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at (772) 286-3088.


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