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Stuart Dentist Discusses Flossing And Maintaining Healthy Gums

healthy gumsKeeping the gums healthy is not only important for keeping an attractive appearance, but also it is important in disease prevention. Specialists have linked unhealthy gums to life-threatening conditions such as heart disease. Although unhealthy gums do not cause a condition such as heart disease, the person with unhealthy gums is likely to have other illnesses because of lack of knowledge in how to stay healthy. The following are some tips of keeping the gums healthy and the teeth free of complications.


Brushing Keeps the Gums Clean

Healthy gums have a pinkish appearance, and they look vibrant. Signs of unhealthy gums include dark spots, recession, bad breath and bleeding. Brushing and flossing regularly is one way that a dental patient can keep his or her teeth clean. The recommended number of times to brush the teeth is two per day. A person should brush the teeth once before bed and once upon awakening. Other times that one may want to brush the teeth include after meals and during illnesses. The mouth is susceptible to growing bacteria more during those times.

A person should never be too shy to run the toothbrush on the gums and gently massage them while cleaning them. Additionally, a person should brush for at least two minutes. Most people do not know that they should brush from two full minutes. The two-minute session allows the fluoride to seep into the enamel so that it can clean the teeth appropriately.

Rinsing with water is a quick task that many people can conduct if they want to keep the oral cavity clean. Rinsing can be done before and after meals, after teeth brushing or any other time that feels appropriate to the person. Rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash is a separate task that can help to eliminate bacteria on the spot.

Stuart dental, flossing Frequent Flossing

Frequent flossing is another task that can help a person to keep the teeth clean and strong. Flossing can be done before and after dinner or people can floss at morning and night. The best type of floss to use is one that has a coat of wax and perhaps a thick texture. Thick floss tends to get deep in between the teeth where bacterial develop the most. Mint flavored dental floss is a strong seller in the dental industry.

Visit a Stuart Dentist Regularly

Keeping up with regular dental appointments is crucial to maintaining good oral hygiene and enjoying a great looking set of teeth. Premier Dentistry of Stuart will help to sort out conditions that may have become disrupted or aggravated. Dr. Casel’s team of Stuart dentists are highly skilled and seasoned professionals able to help service you and your family’s dental needs so that you can be sure to enjoy beautiful and long lasting smiles.

Dr. Patrick Williams is one of the specialists in our Stuart dental office who cares about each patient as a family member. New patients can place their faith in any of the specialists at our facility because they all desire the same thing. That all of their patients walk away knowing that they received the best dental care possible.

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