dental-sedation-StuartTotal Comfort with Sedation Dentistry

We recognize that some patients have certain anxieties regarding dental care. The drilling, needle and some of the uncommon odors could possibly create a frightening experience!

Wouldn’t you rather enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable visit to the dentist as verses one full of fear and anxiety? Conscious sedation dentistry, is a great tool to help eliminate any nervousness from your time in the dental chair.

It is as simple as swallowing a small pill. One hour prior to your appointment, you take the pill we have provided to you earlier. By the time you go to your session, you will be feeling relaxed and then slowly reach a further state of sedation. You will have the ability to reply to any questions when asked, however you will be unaware of the treatment at hand. You will be closely observed during the procedure and when it is finished, a close friend will drive you back to your house. You will be back to normal in about an hour.

If the thought of being “out cold” is of big concern to you, you should understand that you will not achieve the same level of sedation that you do during surgeries. You won’t feel any of the treatment being done, however you are still conscious. You will still be cognizant of things taking place around you. Put simply, all your stress and anxiety will have gone away.

For persons that are resistant to anesthesia and have difficulty getting numbed this is the perfect treatment. It is also helpful to people that require more work to be done in a single session. We will also provide nitrous oxide for situations that require lighter sedation.

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