Imagine Teeth in as Little as one Day!

Dental technology has proven itself again with the advancement of oral surgery. Persons missing their teeth can regain a new, full set of teeth in a day! Imagine regaining the smile you want without having to sit through multiple appointments and gaining a durable and lasting solution to your missing teeth all at the same time!

Premier Dentistry of Stuart dentists Dr. Dan Casel, and Dr Patrick Williams, are now sharing this technology along with their skill to provide patients with a lower cost, lesser impact opportunity to do just that!

Implant retained deviceWhat they are providing is a state of the art dental solution that involves the placement of four titanium implants into your jaw that become the anchor point to hold a full set of teeth. These implants are essentially screws that act very much just like the root of your tooth and are designed to help support osseo-integration. What that means, is that they actually assimilate with your bone tissue and then help to promote healthy bone density and volume.

Following a well tolerated surgery, where the implants are introduced to the jawbone, Dr.Casel or Dr Williams will attach the tray that supports your new set of teeth. This implant retained device (tray) containing your new set of teeth will look completely natural and offer the same benefits of real teeth.
No More Dentures!

For persons that have to deal with dentures on a daily basis this is the perfect solution. For persons missing their teeth they are a must! These implant retained devices (teeth trays) offer great benefits.

  • No more mishaps with dentures pulling away from your gums.
  • Permanent and durable solution for beautiful teeth.
  • Easy normal maintenance, just like you would care for real teeth.
  • These implant retained devices actually help support bone density and volume which helps maintain your facial alignment.
  • Both upper and lower jaw surgery can be preformed on the same day.

To find out how you can gain the benefits of having a full set of new teeth in as little as just one day, contact us for a free consultation. Dr. Casel and Dr. Williams are looking forward to meeting you and helping you to regain your life!


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