implant-dentistryMissing Your Teeth? What About ‘Growing’ New Ones?

Whether it is your front or back teeth, our dental implants serve as natural-looking and working replacements. Because these implants come up right through the gums, they have the appearance of genuine teeth. The same as a tooth normally would grow in your mouth. They can replace either a single tooth or many missing teeth. Persons with dentures will enjoy relief from slippage as well as not having to remove them at bed time every night. Implants can be used to hold dentures in place, anchoring them and securing them permanently. We deal with the complete process from placement of the post to fabricating of the crowns, so no need to worry about a referral to another office.

New Advancement Offers a Solution For Loose, Slipping Dentures

Do you get aggravated when your dentures become problematic, with wandering and slipping? Have you craved the dependability of implants yet were told you weren’t a prospect for them as a result of inadequate bone thickness? Allow us to show you an innovation that will certainly make you smile! Mini dental implants will provide excellent stability for your dentures. In as little as one visit you can have them placed in your mouth, then go home and eat whatever foods you wish. The treatment is painless, and you will enjoy all the advantages of normal implants in as little as a day!

Overdentures – The Solution to Slipping Dentures

Overdentures are the best choice to provide you the solidity you want from your dentures. This procedure will rid you of the problems associated with regular dentures including the troubles of food becoming trapped and slippage or tilting by permanently anchoring the bridge or denture. Our experienced team will provide you with the very best fit and a beautiful smile. You will be smiling more than ever with your new found confidence.

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