denture stabilization in StuartThere are many individuals who opt out of using their dentures as a result of how uncomfortable they end up becoming. Over the course of time, dentures often begin slipping and tend to wobble. However dental implants have ended this problem for lots of people. The rate of success continues to grow at a rapid pace for implants.

How it works

These dental implants, are essentially small titanium screws with ball tops that are placed right into the recipients jawbone. Following that, the new implant becomes fused to the bone itself. Most of the time, this process only takes about an hour to complete. As your mouth begins the healing process the new denture will be customized to fit easily over your new implant. Typically only a local anesthesia is all that is required for this treatment.

It’s Minimally Intrusive

The majority of people experience only marginal discomfort following this treatment. If needed, Dr. Casel will prescribe medication for any pain. You will likewise be asked to modify your diet throughout the healing stage to guarantee everything runs smoothly. Changing your diet regimen will aid in reducing the threat of infections as well as any discomfort while your new implants begin to heal.

The Benefits of Denture Stabilization:

  • Minimally intrusive
  • Bid farewell to discomfort
  • Say goodbye to slippage
  • Short treatment time
  • Quicker recovery process
  • Experienced seasoned professionals

Say Goodbye to Slippage

Once your new implants have completed healing, Dr. Dan Casel will then refine your denture to fit onto them snugly. Unlike traditional dentures, the new dentures will continue to stay firmly in position till it is time to pull them off for cleaning. All you’ll have to do is exert a small amount of upward pressure to the front of your dentures to pop them out.

Denture Stabilization Will Change Your Life

You should consult with Dr. Casel about denture stabilization if you’re sick of dealing with wobbly, uncomfortable dentures. Once you’ve had this procedure you’ll never feel the need to leave your dentures on the night stand again. Call us today to arrange your appointment!

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