oral-hygiene in StuartThe Importance of Hygiene Visits

To stay healthy, we suggest to people to have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis! Our hygienists are able to reach hard to clean areas where tartar and plaque might start to develop. Even the most careful and persistent brushing might miss spots, but getting a thorough cleaning by a professional will decrease the possibilities of more significant troubles in the future. If tartar establishes itself beneath the gumline, it could result in gum disease. Clinical research has confirmed a link between advanced gum disease and more severe health problems such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Kindly take this suggestion seriously for your personal health and wellness!

Saving Hopeless Teeth

You may in the past have endured a root canal. It might not have been the most pleasurable experience, but if the roots of your tooth were infected or damaged, it was the right procedure to help save your tooth.

For most people these days, a root canal is much more tolerable. The process of saving the tooth with this procedure has changed a lot in recent years with new technology and latest anesthetics providing the patient with little discomfort. The pulp in the interior of the tooth is removed during the root canal process, and then replaced with a special filling. Often a crown may be placed over the tooth to provide it added durability.

You will be happy to know we have much experience in the most advanced methods for treatment of root canals. Eliminating any extractions will protect against other kinds of dental issues in the future.

senior dental care in Stuart FLSenior Dental Care is Different

As we grow older, likewise our teeth and gums begin to show signs of aging. There might be a buildup of plaque, discoloration or staining might appear from tobacco, caffeine, or antibiotics, dental fillings may start to loosen up, and root degeneration or gum disease could go unnoticed. If you take particular medicines, often the flow of saliva can be minimized. With routine exams, any hard to detect issues can be recognized and dealt with in the earliest stages. We urge our older patients to maintain routine dental cleanings with our hygenists to prevent more significant health issues including the loss of teeth. We likewise suggest a regular daily hygiene regimen as well as good nutrition to preserve your natural teeth for the rest of your life.

If your gums  become reddened or begin to bleed , or any teeth start coming loose, please call us right away.

tmj-disorder Stuart FloridaTMJ/TMD – Proper Bite Alignment Treatment Helps You Say ‘Goodbye’ to Headaches and Jaw Pain!

If you’ve been informed you have TMD or TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder), we can assist! Dental malocclusion can be the source of serious headaches, discomfort in the neck or shoulders as well as a sore and cracking jaw. When your mouth does not close correctly and your top and bottom dental arch do not come together like they should, the muscles of your jaw will continue to be strained. It may appear to be entirely normal to you if you have had this problem since you were a child. However, your jaw can be straightened to its correct position to relieve you from this kind of suffering and discomfort. We hope that you allow us the opportunity to speak with you about how we can help to get you to smile more often.

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