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Preparing Your Child For Their First Dental Visit

Childrens dentist Stuart FloridaDr. Dan Casel believes it is important for parents to prepare their children for the first dental visit. There is a lot to consider before taking your child to visit a children’s dentist in Stuart Florida, and the following guide can help.

Spread Peace

The dentists at Premier Dentistry of Stuart have noticed that many kids fear the dentist before they even meet the oral specialist. This is not so strange as a study shows that some parents may be transmitting their dental anxiety onto their children.

Of course, kids might get scared if they hear you talking negatively about your dental visit. So the first thing you need to do to prepare children for their visit is to face any fears that you may be dealing with. It is encouraged that parents visit Dr. Dan Casel or his team to work on these anxieties to avoid passing this on.

Play Dentist

A good family dentist in Stuart FL will recommend that those who are interested in dentistry to seek out the right educational program, but there are times when pretending to be in the field can be helpful.

You want your child to be aware of what might happen during the checkup. Role-playing is a great way to teach this. Have your child play the role of a dentist, and have him or her check your teeth for cavities. This encourages kids to ask questions, which should make them feel comfortable about the visit. Having your child read kid-friendly dental stories might also be a good idea. Your child may be able to see him or herself in certain characters in the story.

Try the Tag Along

One perk of family dentistry is the support of a team of oral specialists who parents can talk to before their children’s first dentist appointment. This means a tag along dental visit can be set up, which is an effective way to prepare children for their first visit. This will allow children to get familiar with the procedure.

Kids will be able to see the dentist in action, hear noise, and see some of the tools that are often used.

Bring Friends

It might be a good idea to bring a few stuffed animals along for the kids. This might help the dentist demonstrate what he or she needs to do. Some kids feel better about a particular step if it can be explained thoroughly. Stuffed animals can be effective props that can assist in teaching your children.

Of course, this only works if kids are used to playing with these stuffed animals, so it might be a good idea to introduce them a few months before scheduling an appointment if necessary.

Keep in mind that good family dentists like those at the Premier Dentistry of Stuart are definitely an asset, so you can contact them for additional tips. Remember that this is the first of many dental visits, and it is important to get it right since it could set the tone for future visits.