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6 Simple Tips For A Healthy And Brilliant Smile

hygienist Stuart FloridaA good dental hygienist cares about your smile and happiness. Sadly, a study shows that one-third of Americans are unhappy with their smiles. The specialists at Premier Dentistry of Stuart want to reverse this, and you can start improving your smile with the following six tips.

1. Good Oral Hygiene

It is recommended that you brush your teeth for at least two minutes, which means one minute for the top and one minute for the bottom.

Keep in mind that you should always brush away from the gums. Brushing toward your gums can irritate the gums or push harmful bacteria near the gum line instead of getting rid of it.

2. Professional Cleaning

Good oral hygiene goes a long way, but that does not mean you will not need professional teeth cleaning every now and then. In fact, this is something that Dr. Dan Casel and his team recommend to all clients. You should visit a dentist in Stuart Fl at least twice a year for a routine cleaning.

This gives Dr. Casel’s team an opportunity to evaluate the overall health of your teeth and remove any bacteria that might have sneaked under the gum line, which will help immensely to prevent gum disease.

3. Know What to Eat

There are many foods out there that your teeth and gums need to stay strong. Collagen helps strengthen gums should they be weak. The body needs a lot of vitamin C to produce collagen, so be sure to eat red peppers and citrus fruits occasionally.

Of course, your teeth are made up of calcium, so do not forget milk or cheese. You should know that aged cheese contains vitamin K2. This vitamin helps detects calcium deficiencies within the body and directs calcium where it is needed.

A vitamin K deficiency in adults can lead to heart disease, weakened bones, tooth decay and cancer. A warning sign of a vitamin K deficiency is bleeding and bruising easily. This bleeding can begin as an oozing from the gums or nose

4. Know What to Stay Away From

There are many things you should try to stay away from in order to promote the health of your teeth. For one, smoking is one habit you should try to eliminate as it can weaken gums and discolor teeth.

You also want to avoid processed sugar and limit sticky foods. Sticky foods are hard to remove from the crevices of your teeth, while processed sugars are the life force of cavity-causing bacteria.

5. Protect Your Teeth

Visiting your dentist is important, but you need to take steps to prevent injury to your teeth, too. This could mean using something as simple as mouth guards when playing sports, especially contact sports. One blunt hit could mean a chipped or cracked tooth.

6. Watch out for Grinding

Dr. Dan Casel and his team knows that teeth grinding can harm a person’s teeth. Grinding can lead to cracks or tooth fractures. Still, this problem is hard to detect because it happens without a person knowing.

There are signs, though, such as jaw pain or discomfort when waking up. Of course, you can have someone observe you while sleeping to confirm your suspicions. You can use night guards to deal with this problem.

These six tips should help you maintain the beautiful smile you know you deserve. Be sure to contact Premier Dentistry of Stuart at (772) 286-3088 with any questions.